Menezes e Seus Melodistas - Cocktail de Melodias (1956)

Mocambo LP 10009

When I first saw this 10' Lp I thought that it is another unlisted album by the famous violão player José Menezes.
A closer look revealed that, although this Menezes' name is also José Menezes, José Menezes and José Menezes are two different musicians and that this José Menezes (or simply Menezes, to quote the linear notes) plays clarinet (on this album, at least).
Anyway, looks like Cocktail de Melodias is José Menezes' only recording and to see what José Menezes looks like, you will have to download the album and take a look at the back cover where a picture of the complete conjunto is printed, together with the linear notes. My guess is that José Menezes is the one sitting and holding the vinyl, while his musicians are probably those standing around him:

Menezes (Clarinete)
Martins (Acordeom)
Torres (Piano)
Martins II (Bateria)
Gerson (Baixo)
Gaúcho do Violão (Violão)
Inaldo (Bongo)

The compositions are:

1. Chão Moiadinho (Antônio Barros) Baião
2. Ritmo Latino (Victor Young) Beguine
3. Body And Soul (Robert B. Sour / Edward Heyman / John W. Green / Frank Eyton) Fox
4. Maluquinho (Menezes) Choro
5. Meu Xodozinho (Neusa Rodrigues / José Menezes "zé Cavaquinho") Baião
6. Saudade (Gaúcho do Violão) Bolero
7. I'll Never Smile Again (Ruth Lowe) Fox
8. Temperado (Inaldo Vilarim / José Menezes) Choro


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ABOUT MENEZES by José Teles:
José Menezes was one maestro from Perambuco. He’s a sax player too. He was also a band leader and a composer of frevo, one of the greats. The first record of Gravadora Rozenblit, in 1953, a 78 rpm, got one of his frevos canção, Boneca. He was born in 1924, and passed away in 2013 He made a lot of records, not only Rozenblit, but RCA and other labels.


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