Ivan e Seu Conjunto - Uma Noite No Bem (N/D)

Caravelle LP-CAR. 33.002

About this album I can tell you only that it is a recording by Ivan and his conjunto, recorded at an unknown date.

About Ivan I can not tell you anything, except that his name sounds Russian to me.

About his conjunto I can present only the results of the member count, obtained after hand counting the musicians on the back cover photograph: There are 9 of them or more, if somebody was hiding behind somebody else during the taking of the picture.

About the music itself there is a long, unsigned text on the back cover, which I do not recommend reading because a much clearer impression you will have after hearing these compositions with your own ears than trusting ears of a text writer about who you know nothing except that he was working for Caravelle at an undefined period of time:

01. Ia... Ia... Cha Cha Cha (Billy May)
02. Gulliver (F. S. Domirom / J. E. Chapuseaux)
03. Só Danço Samba (Tom / Vinicius de Moraes)
04. Suave é a Noite (Webster / S. Fain)
05. Se Já Não me queres (Gilberto de Almeida / Lewis Jr.)
06. Al di la (Drake / Donida)
07. El Sacy y la Camisa (Perez Prado)
08. Apache (J. Jordan)
09. Avec no Leblon (L. Mergulão / U. Silva / P. Aguiar)
10. Et maintenant (Bécaud / P. Delanoe)
11. Bali Rai (Oscar Rodgers / Hammerstein)
12. Dang Dang (Guy Dovan / Jean Rolle)


ABOUT IVAN by Brazilliance: I suspect that this is Ivanildo José da Silva who released two more albums on Caravelle: Do Coração do Ceará (LP-CAR 33.011) and Duas Faces de Bossa (LP-CAR 33.016, shown on the back cover of this album).
Só Danço Samba and El Saco y La Camisa, the most recent songs in this track list, were both introduced in 1963, thus, this is fairly likely the year of the release. Interestingly, the catalog number Caravelle LP-CAR 33.002 appears also on Surfing Success by the Elevens from 1964.

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos