Paul Winter, Luiz Bonfa, Roberto Menescal and Luiz Eca - Rio (1963)

Columbia CL 2315

Luiz Bonfá, Roberto Menescal, Luiz Eça. Brazil's great young musicians (at the time) together on Paul Winter's album called Rio, released in 1963.

Come to think of it I can't remember that any renowned musician from the United States has failed to make (after 1962). at least one album inspired by Brazilian music.

Maybe the only exception is the great jazz pianist Red Garland who stopped releasing music in 1962 honestly explaining it with a sudden lack of public interest in jazz.

Anyway, here is Paul Winter after getting an infusion of fresh blood, rhythm and inspired compositions:

01. Reza (Lobo / Guerra)
02. Vagamente (Menescal / Boscoli)
03. Tristeza De Nos Dois (Ferreira / Einhorn / Bebeto)
04. Daniele (Eça / Bebeto)
05. Alem Da Imaginação (Menescal / Boscoli)
06. Rio (Menescal / Boscoli)
07. Avion (Song Of The Jet) (Jobim)
08. Adriana (Menescal / Freire)
09. Inutil Paisagem (Jobim / de Oliveira)
10. Zomba (Bonfá / Toledo)
11. Saudade (Bonfá / Toledo)
12. Ela É Carioca (Jobim)

The back cover displays one short text by Paul Winter and a long one by Vinicius de Moraes. Both texts are in Englsh.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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