Geraldo Miranda e Seu Conjunto de Boite - O Disco Dansante (1957)

Sinter SLP 1109

Geraldo Miranda's first career album out of at least four listed. An unusual 10' LP with 10 compositions, instead of the standard eight.

Geraldo was once featured in this and the other parallel reality with a career album reposted from Loronix and also with three participations.

His conjunto in 1957 consisted of:

Geraldo Miranda (Guitarra)
Laerte Alcântara (Clarinete)
Auti Danneman (Acordeom)
Juquinha (Bateria)
Bubu (Baixo)
Mário Godoi e Mariano Filho (Ritmo)

The ten tracks are:

01. Revendo Amigos (Geraldo Miranda / Pernambuco) Choro
02. Lá Vem A Baiana (Dorival Caymmi) Samba
03. Nesta Rua Tão Deserta (Dorival Caymmi / Jacques Klein / Carlos Guinle / Hugo Lima) Samba-canção
04. Amoroso (Garoto / Luis Bittencourt) Choro
05. Minha Saudade (João Donato / João Gilberto) Samba
06. If I Had You (Jimmy Campbell / Reg Connelly / Ted Shapiro) Fox
07. Invitation (Paul Francis Webster / Bronislaw Kaper) Beguine
08. You Came Along (E. Keyman / J. W. Green) Mambo
09. Stranger In Paradise (Robert Wright / George Forrest) Fox
10. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans) Valsa


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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