As 12 Melhores de Roberto Muller (1976)

Som SOLP-40706

Although singer Roberto Muller's discography counts at least 19 career albums, several "Best of" compilations of which the one presented today as Roberto's premiere on Parallel Realities is unlisted, 10 compactos and even two 78 rpm records, I must confess that I have been completely unaware of him and his music until I received this recording three days ago from Pedro & 300discos.

There is no information about him on the back cover, but according to his rendition of these compositions, I suppose that he has must have been quite popular during the period from 1961 to 1987:

01. Sabor de Falsidade (Rosalva Müller / Erick Adic)
02. Chega (Umberto Silva)
03. Recomeçar Novamente (Rosalva Müller / Dias Soares)
04. Nosso Filho Vai Nascer (Roberto Müller)
05. A Sua Lembrança É o Meu Padecer (Gilson Carlos / Brito Sabino)
06. Nem Mais Amor Por Você (Tito Mendes / Chico Xavier)
07. Podem Gargalhar (Lindolfo Barbosa)
08. Em Respeito a Lei de Deus (Chico Xavier / Nem)
09. Mulher de Cabaré (Luis Guimarães)
10. Tu Escolheste o Teu Caminho (Chico Xavier / Tito Mendes)
11. Me Arrependo (Cezão / Olavo Sérgio)
12. Onde Andará (David Lima / Álvaro Correia)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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