Ari Vilela - O Rei do Breque (1966)

Entré/CBS 4079

About singer Ari Vilela, the King of Breque I can tell you only that he and/or the producer of his first career album claim(s) that he is the King of Breque.
Also I can repeat here what I read elsewhere else: In 1973 he has released his second LP which was orchestrated and conducted by Maestro Nelsinho and he was one of the four principal performers on Expo-Som 73 live, together with Leny Andrade, Márcia and Simone.
Maybe I should also mention three compactos listed on Memoria Musical.

He is singing:

01. Saco de Pancada (Zé do Violão / Maria Clara (1))
02. Proverbiano (Niquinho / Hélio Nascimento)
03. Ela Foi Embora (Nuno Soares / José da Silva)
04. Sururu de Cinema (Ari Vilela / Ildefonso Silva)
05. Fofoca no Morro (Benedito Faria)
06. Falso Boato (Orlando Gagliastro / Benedito Faria)
07. Baiana da Guanabara (Almeidinha / Roberto Muniz)
08. Nega Prosa (Luimy Fernando / Wilson Guimarães)
09. Zé do Tamborim (Benedito Faria / Jaú)
10. Aquele Gaiato (Fredson / Erly Muniz)
11. Castelo no Morro (Ari Vilela / Ildefonso Silva)
12. Caboclo Waldemar (Orlando Santos / Osmar dos Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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