Dancando Com Jose Menezes E Seu Quarteto (1957)

Sinter SLP 1094

I have been sure that my collection of José Menezes' career albums was complete but fortunately I it was another wrong assumption.
Out of the blue, a previously unknown 10' Lp from 1957 appeared in the newest package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos.

The (unsigned) back cover text gives us a quite detailed information about the career of José Menezes, up to 1957, that is.

The names of the musicians playing with him are not listed, but the track list is and it goes as follows:

1. 'na Voce 'na Chitarra e 'o Poco 'e Luna (Carlo Alberto Rossi / U. Calise) Fox-trot
2. Nunca Jamás (Lalo Guerrero) Bolero
3. Chá-chá-chá Mademoiselle (Francis Lopez / Rolf Marbot) Chá-chá-chá
4. Tea For Two (Irving Caesar / Vincent Youmans) Fox-trot
5. Espinita (Nico Jimenez) Mambo
6. Maracangalha (Dorival Caymmi) Samba
7. Le Piano Du Pouvre (Leo Ferré) Fox-trot
8. Le Rififi (Jacques Larue / Philippe Gérard) Slow


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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