Joao Albertto (1988)

Continental 1.73.405.018

Not much that I can tell you about João Albertto, (on Memoria Musical) unlisted singer, except for the obvious fact that he has released at least one album (this one, for Continental). Also the fact that he has released a compacto in 1987 will become obvious to you too, later tonight when I publish it.

01. Luar de Amor (Beto Barbosa)
02. Xamegando (Beto Barbosa)
03. Amor Colorido (Alipio Martins / Marcelle)
04. Menina (Alberto Macareu)
05. Ternura (Carlos Pedro)
06. Sonhos de Verão (Dyleia Amorim / Firmo Cardoso)
07. Vem Pra Mim (Run to Me) Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb) / Vs. João Batista)
08. Tarde de Domingo (Beto Barbosa)
09. Augardo Seu Regreso (Nêgo Nelson / Chembra)
10. Recomeçar (Alipio Martins / Chico Roque)
11. Meu Erro (Beto Barbosa)
12. Bole Bole Mexe Mexe (Beto Barbosa)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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