A Velha Guarda (1955)

Sinter SLP 1038

About this first career album by A Velha Guarda you may read on the back cover a long and informative text written by Lucio Rangel, decorated also with a photograph of the complete band (with straw hats). I will write here just the list of the musicians and the track list.

The list of the musicians:

Pixinguinha, Donga, João da Bahiana, Alfredinho (Flautim)
Bide (Flauta)
Ruben, Mirinho e Lentini (Violões)
Waldemar (Cavaquinho)

The track list:

1. Que Perigo (Pixinguinha) Choro
2. Patrão Prenda Seu Gado (Pixinguinha / Donga / João da Bahiana) Partido alto
3. Coralina (Adpt. Pixinguinha) Choro
4. Nosso Ranchinho (Donga / J. Cascata) Samba - Participação: J. Cascata
5. Honória (Gualdino Barreto) Choro
6. Esta Nega Qué Me Dá (José Luis de Moraes "Caninha") Choro - Participação: Almirante            
    Me Leva Me Leva Seu Rafael (José Luis de Moraes "Caninha") Samba - Participação: Almirante
7. Flor do Abacate (Álvaro Sandim "Santini") Choro

The second album by A Velha Guarda was already presented on Parallel Realities and can be found and downloaded HERE.

There is also a third album (a 10' released in 1956) which will, should it be ever brought to light, complete their discography.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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