Osmar Milani e Sua Orquestra - Bossa Nova das Americas (1963)

Fermata FB 55

Maestro Osmar Milani, the man whose name sounds very familiar to me, with his latest album which has been presented on Loronix almost a decade ago. This gives you a chance to read Zeca's text about it on Órfãos do Loronix.
There is also a background cover text about this release, but I fear that only the name of the writer, Juvenal Fernandes is clearly legible while his text is unfortunately not.

The compositions are clearly audible and their list goes as follows:

01. Balanço das Notas (João Maria de Abreu)
02. I Surrender Dear (G. Clifford / H. Barris)
03. Sambossa N° 1 (João Maria de Abreu)
04. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Mitchell Parish)
05. Na Cadência do Samba (Ataulfo Alves / Paulo Gesta)
06. Solitude (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Eddie DeLange)
07. Waltzing Cat (L. Anderson)
08. Neném (Tito Madi)
09. I'll Buy The Ring And Chance Your Name To Mine (J. Mills / E. Rose / W. Raskin)
10. Samba da Madrugada (Dora Lopes / Carminha Mascarenhas / Herotides Nascimento)
11. Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Sid Tepper / Roy Brodszky)
12. Vai Minha Canção (Tito Madi / Sidney Morais)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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