Marlene - EP Victor

RCA Victor 76154

The second folder received this morning contains Marlene's EP released by RCA Victor at an unknown date in Italy and France.

For some unknown reasons I could not upload the complete folder as Depositfiles checker deleted it. On the other hand, when I uploaded the individual track (to identify the polar bear protected file) all four track uploaded without any problems, so I left them on server so that they can be downloaded one by one.
Sorry, but that looks like the only way to share the complete EP.

Anyway, I suggest you to be as quick as lightening while downloading, as (maybe) tomorrow you will be confronted with the polite advice to download the files yesterday.

1. Trepa no coqueiro 
2. Fiz a cama na varanda
3. Biá-tá-tá (Coco da minha terra)
4. Saudades da Bahia

Créditos: João Carlos Telis

1 comment:

  1. Caro Milan,
    Muito obrigado, pela sua gentil atenção, para com o meu pedido... Abraços, e vida longa para este maravilhoso Blog.
    Alberto Minerva (Niterói-RJ)


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