Lana Bittencourt for Columbia + Rarities

The Lana Bittencourt package received from João Carlos Telis included also a folder with several 78rpms recorded for Columbia and another one labeled "Rarities".
Unfortunately, a copyright check revealed that not all songs from these two folders can be shared, so I had to leave them out of this post.

Enjoy those tracks that you can now, as tomorrow you might be advised to look for them yesterday:

78rpm Columbia recordings  (1955-1961):

01. Gato Preto (Newton Santos / Álvaro Matos / Aristides Filho) Marcha
02. Ataliba E Seu Bombardão (Haroldo Barbosa) Maxixe
03. Feliz Natal (Klécius Caldas / Armando Cavalcanti) Fox
04. Amame (Possess me)
05. A Noite É Nossa (Possess Me) (Joe Lubin / Irving Roth / Vrs. Fernando César)
06. O Milagre da Volta (Fernando César / Armando Cavalcanti)  Fox
07. Escala de Cores (Inara Simões de Irajá)  Samba canção
08. Quero-te Assim (Tito Madi) Valsa
09. The Only Way To Love (Jimmy Krondes / Paul Evans)   Fox
10 .Sonhando (Dreamin') (Barry de Vorzon / Ted Ellis / Vrs. Juvenal Fernandes)


11. Leva-me Contigo (Dolores Duran)
12. Boato (João Roberto Kelly)
13. Corcovado (A. C. Jobim)
14. Cancao da Volta (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria)
15. Ninguem va me dizer (It's not for me to say) (Al Stillman / Robert Allen)


Créditos: João Carlos Telis

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