Guarana e Sua Orquestra - Recordando... (1958)

Polydor LPN 2016

First career album of Gustavo Carvalho - Maestro Guaraná (a 10' Lp) recorded in 1958. Two other of his Lps + two participations can be found (and downloaded) HERE, which leaves only one (?) of his career albums unavailable at this moment...

Read the linear notes and/or just enjoy:

1. Branca (Zequinha de Abreu) Valsa
2. Despertar da Montanha (Eduardo Souto) Tango
3. Eponina (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa
4. Turbilhão de Beijos (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa
5. Pintinhos no Terreiro (Zequinha de Abreu) Choro
6. Do Sorriso da Mulher Nasceram As Flores (Eduardo Souto) Valsa
7. Tardes Em Lindóia (Zequinha de Abreu / Pinto Martins) Valsa
8. Brejeiro (Ernesto Nazareth) Choro


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos  

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