Roberto Maspoli - Boleros Para Dois (1959)

Musidisc Hi-Fi 2008

When posting the last album out of the previous package received from Pedro & 300discos, I stated that there is only one more album by Roberto Máspoli which will be posted here should it magically appear.

When opening the package received tonight, I realized that there were two albums by Roberto in it.

Here is the first, an unlisted one (on Memoria Musical at least), about which you may, as expected, read Sebastião Fonseca's text printed on the back cover.

I will just mention here that this time he is accompanied by his conjunto.

The boleros are:

01. Cancion de Amor Cubano (H. Stothart / J.McHugh / D. Fielda)
02. Golodrinas (Carlos Gardel / Le Pora)
03. Mi ultimo Fracaso (Alfredo Gil)
04. Buenos Aires (Manuel Joves / Manuel Romero)
05. Historia de un Amor (Carlos Almaran)
06. Griseta (Enrique P. Delfim / José G. Castillo)
07. Querime mucho (Gonzalo Roig)
08. Luna verde (Vicente Gomes Pinchi)
09. Amapola (Joseph M. Lacalle)
10. El Panuelito (Penaloza / Filiberto)
11. Soledad (Carlos / Gardel / Le Pora)
12. Una Aventura mas (Oscar Kinleiner)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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