Omar Izar - O Homem da Gaita de Ouro (1961)

Beverly LPCM 4014

Another career album by Omar Izar.
You may read Jose Augusto Machado's text on the back cover while asking yourself:
"Why does the name of this album sound so familiar?"

After the:
"Aaaah, I know now!" or "Who cares!" thoughts, relax and listen to:

1. Rapsódia Espanhola:
    Granada (Augustin Lara)
    La Violontera (Padilla / Montesinos)
    El Gato (Montez / Penella)
    Espana (Cani / Marquina)
2. Ebb Tide (Carl Sigman / Robert Maxwell)
3. Trem o Lá Lá (Humberto Teixeira / L Maia)
4. Lover (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart)
5. Rapsódia Clássica:
    Dança Hungara No 5 (Brahms
    Marcha Turca (Mozart)
    Czardas (Monti)
6. O Homem da Gaita de Ouro (Vera Brasil)
7. The Hot Canary (Poliakin / P. Nero)
8. Stormy Weather (Arlen / Koehler)
9. Tres Guarachas:
    El Cubanchero (Hernandes)
    Cumana (Allen / Hillman / Spina)
    Oye Negra (Moraies / Camacho)
8. St. Louis Blues (William Christopher Handy)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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