Tekila Ritmos (1964)

VS/Villela Santos LP-VS-SP-0009

The first impression about Tekila Rítmos was that it simply must mean that this album contains Tequila heated rhythms.

The impression is only half right. Yes, clearly Tequila has it's influence on the music, but also served as an inspiration of creating a name for the conjunto Tekila Rítmos.

Tequila inspired was apparently also Milton Rodrigues, the writer of the linear notes. By reading his enjoyable text which you will find on the back cover, you may also try to guess the number glasses he has emptied while writing

The tequilized compositions are:

01. Tequila (Chuck Rio)
02. Bolinha de Sabão (Alcides Menezes)
03. My Love For You (Sid Wayne / Abner Silva)
04. Para Vigo Me Voy (Ernesto Lecuona)
05. Toada do Burrinho (Osvaldo Aude / Athayde Julio)
06. La Leyenda Del Beso (Reveriano Soutullo / Juan Vert)
07. Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini)
08. Amor Vai e Vem (Orlandivo)
09. Torna A Surriento (Ernesto de Curtis)
10. Mona Lisa (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans)
11. Ti Guarderó Nel Cuore (Nino Oliviero / Riz Ortolani / Marcello Ciorciolini)
12. Dang Dang (J. Rolle / G. Dova)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

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