Paschoal Melillo e Seu Conjunto – Boite A Beira-mar (1959)

Сoрaсabana СLР 11093

Lately lots of people are requesting renewing links of albums that have been posted a long time ago. I am doing it whenever possible: If the link has not been removed because of copyright claims and if I can find it in my archives.
Sometimes I just renew the link, sometimes I repost the complete album (if it has been previously posted in the other reality before the closure of the original Parallel Realities Studio blog) but sometimes I simply do not have the time or patience to check why the link does not work, search my archives for it and upload it to server.
Besides, the situation in Europe and Serbia in particular is nearing a financial collapse and I have to think of other matters, mainly about earning enough money to stay alive.
The last 8 years, everything was for free, no charges for anything, no annoying advertisements etc.

I am determined that it should stay that way.

On the other hand I would appreciate it very much if people requesting renewals of links or anybody who thinks that this site is important for us all, would be so kind as to contribute with a donation to keep this parallel reality alive.

Enjoy this repost from 2013:

01. Samba na Lua (Paschoal Melillo)
02. Innamorata (Harry Warren / Jack Brooks)
03. Saudade de Itararé (Paschoal Melillo / Gomes Costa) Intérpretes: Paschoal Melillo / Pedro Batista / Alfredo Simoney
04. Um Dia Voltarás (Antônio Sergio)
05. Silvia (Paschoal Melillo / Pedro M. Simões Filho) Intérpretes: Paschoal Melillo / Pedro Batista
06. Indiozinho (Paschoal Melillo)
07. Paschoalypso (Paschoal Melillo)
08. Belezinha (Paschoal Melillo)
09. Amargor (Paschoal Melillo / Renato Nogueirol) Intérpretes: Paschoal Melillo / Pedro Batista
10. Ninguém É Igual a Você (Paschoal Melillo / Antônio Bruno)
11. Bonitinho (Paschoal Melillo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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