Luis Arruda Paes e Osmar Milani e Sua Orquestra - Encontro Com A Musica (1955)

Odeon MODB 3024

The first career albums of both famous maestros: Luis Arruda Paes and Osmar Milani are actually placed on one side each of this 10' Lp, released in 1955. The 4 compositions on side A are performed by Luis (with a little help of Zezinho da TV on two tracks) and the other 4 compositions on side B are by Osmar.

Also, the back cover presents two texts, one about Luis Arruda Paes and the other about Osmar Milani.

Lado A com Luis Arruda Paes:

1. Le Grisby (Jean Wiener) Fox - Pistão: Zezinho da TV
2. Senhorita (Tito Madi) Valsa
3. Que É Amor (Júlio Nagib) Samba-canção
4. Andalucia (Ernesto Lecuona) Beguine Pistão: Zezinho da TV

Lado B com Osmar Milani:

5. Puladinho (Osmar Milani) Choro
6. Cerisier Rose Et Pommier Blanc (Louiguy / Jacques Larue) Mambo
7. Brasil 2000 (Osmar Milani) Samba
8. Baião Chinês (Osmar Milani) Baião


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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