Hebe Camargo - Parada Musical Philco da Radio Excelsior (1952)

Gravado em 26 de março de 1952

Grande Orquestra G-9
Regência do Maestro Osmar Milani
Restauração realizada por Marcelo Spinola
Cover art by Edson Mendes

Last night I received from Edson Mendes a message and a file containing something extraordinary...

Here is the accompanying text written by Edson:

This non-commercial recording is a complete transcription of a program of Radio Excelsior from São Paulo, aired on 26/03/1952, in which Hebe Camargo, in her very beginning, was the main artist. At this time she was known as "A estrela de São Paulo".

The recording was made by Radio Excelsior in a very unusual acetate, because it was greater than a regular Long Play. My friend Marcelo Spinola had to adapt his modern turntable in order to reach to play it and transcribe to digital format.

It's a real pleasure to hear the recording, almost the same way the people heard the program sixty four years ago.

The only missing part is the radio Philco!

The concert:

01. Apresentação
02. Samba que eu quero ver (Djalma Ferreira / Mauro Pires)
03. Locução
04. Essa noite serenou (Hervê Cordovil)
05. Locução
06. Vamos à valsa (Norival Reis / Rutinaldo)
07. Locução
08. Teu regresso (Décio Cardoso)
09. Locução
10. Canção de Dalila (Victor Young - versão de Clímaco César)
11. Locução
12. Sinfonia do apartamento (Haroldo Barbosa)
13. Locução
14. Sinfonia do apartamento (replay) (Haroldo Barbosa)
15. Final

A ESTRELA DE SÃO PAULO + label scans

Créditos: Marcelo Spinola / Edson Mendes

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