Sexteto Prestige - Musica e Festa (1958)

Prestige DLP 1001

This album was presented on Loronix for the first time, then much later re-posted on Parallel Realities and now it is posted once more, this time in form of a Pedro transfer.

To make a connection with the previously posted Sexteto Guanabara i will just point out a few facts:

Sexteto Prestige recorded under the name of Sexteto Prestige for Prestige from 1958 to 1960, this one posted tonight, being, if I am correct, the first album to be released by Prestige which was founded the same year.

After mysteriously disappearing into thin air without even disclosing their names, another mysterious sextet, the Sexteto Guanabara, started recording for Musiplay in 1962 and recorded the 3 Sorvete albums, the last being released in 1963.

The concept of both sextets is very similar, recording medleys with undisclosed musicians.

Like these:

1. Le Gondolier (Peter de Angelis / J. Broussole)
    Cuando Tu Me Quieras (Raul Shaw Moreno / Mário Barrios)
    Sonhando Contigo (Anísio Silva / Fausto Guimarães)
    My Prayer (Mi Oración) (Georges Boulanger)
2. Eu Quero Um Samba (Haroldo Barbosa / Janet de Almeida)
    Faceira (Ary Barroso)
    Sonho e Fantasia (João Leal Brito ''Britinho'')
    Sal e Pimenta (Nazareno de Brito / Newton Ramalho)            

3. A Saudade Mata A Gente (João de Barro / Antônio Almeida)
    Cabecinha No Ombro (Paulo Borges)
    A Grande Verdade (Luis Bittencourt / Marlene)
    Mocinho Bonito (Billy Blanco)
4. Interesseira (Bidú Reis / Murillo Latini)
    Apaixonada (Lourival Faissal)
    Por Causa de Você (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran)
    Perfidia (Alberto Dominguez)


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