Sexteto Guanabara - Sorvete Dancante No 3 (1963)

Musiplay LPM 1108

The mysterious Sexteto Guanabara's second album out of three of the Sorvate Dançante series, which is their complete discography.

The second volume of the series has been already presented on the legendary Loronix, then years after that on Parallel Realities, where it still can be found, unfortunately with the DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY notice next to the text previously leading to the, now deleted, file.

The morale of the story: Be quick to grab this album while it is still available.

So do it now, or tomorrow you might be presented with the DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice showing that there is no possibility of enjoying these medleys any more:

1. Palabras de Mujer (Agustín Lara)
    Solamente Una Vez (Agustín Lara)
    Lágrimas de Sangre (Agustín Lara)

2. Sin Motivo (Gabriel Ruiz)
    Condicion (Gabriel Ruiz)
    Buenas Noches Mi Amor (Gabriel Ruiz)

3. Soy Un Estraño (Gonzalo Curiel)
    Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel)
    Traicionera (Gonzalo Curiel)

4. Noche de Luna (Gonzalo Curiel)
    Marimba (Agustín Lara)
    Sontus Ojos Verde Mar (Gonzalo Curiel)

5. Santa (Agustín Lara)
    Pecadora (Agustín Lara)
    Por Que Ya no Me Quieres (Agustín Lara)

6. Amor (Gabriel Ruiz / Ricardo Lopes Mendez)
    Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz)
    Diez Minutos Mas (Gabriel Ruiz)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos