Musica Brasileira Vol 4 (1956 - 57)

Sinter SLP - 4

A friend from Brazil, Fausto Neves has just sent me two rarities.
The first one, I am posting right now is the 4 Lp in the Música Brasileira series consisting of 10 ultra-rare volumes of which existence I was not aware before.

If someone has the other 9 volumes, I will be happy to post them here.

Here is the complete text written by Fausto:

The Música Brasileira series was the first and important collection (or anthology) of Brazilian classical music to vinyl records. A diplomatic initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Divisão do MRE-Ministério das Relações Exteriores do Brasil) in 1956 -1957.
The criteria was the priority for original works and lesser known composers. The art direction was by the Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro and the participation of Radio MEC.

The recording, only in the mono version, was made by the Sinter label (Sociedade Interamericana de Representações - Rio de Janeiro) that has opened a new studio in 1957.
Sinter has been a pioneer in the modernization of the Phonographic Industry in Brazil, the first to launch the LP record in Brazil (1951) and turned Brazil the fourth country to produce Lp, after the United States, England and France.

Unfortunately, the recordings of the Musica Brasileira series are poor quality ones and only the mono version which is not explained, because in the same year 1957 Sinter began recording in stereo.

The Sinter label was a property of CBD - Companhia Brasileira de Discos, also representative in Brazil for labels Verve, Decca and Westminster.
In 1958 CBD was purchased by Philips Phonographische Industry.

The recording of the Música Brasileira series Lps begans in 1956, finished in early 1957 and distributed in July.

The Brazilian Music series was never released commercially. These LPs were distributed by Brazilian embassies to radio stations, mainly in Europe. It was relegated to oblivion, maybe for the poor quality of the recordings, and has become a rarity

Volumes 2 and 3 are the most important because there are unique recordings of renowned Brazilian composers works.

The picture of covers is similar in each of the ten covers – a detail of a work of the Baroque sculptor Aleijadinho, (Antônio Francisco Lisboa (1738 – 1814), without any information about.

The National Library of France has digitized five volumes (4,5,6,8 and 10) in 2014. However the original LPs are really poor quality and the 5 others may not be available.

The works:

Sonata n. 3 I Alegro (1947-48) Claudio Santoro: - Hector Alimonda; piano
Sonata n. 3 II Lento (1947-48) Claudio Santoro: - Hector Alimonda; piano 
Sonata n. 3 III Vivo (1947-48) Claudio Santoro: - Hector Alimonda; piano

Manduca Pia - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and José Vieira Brandão; piano
Nha Pope - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and José Vieira Brandão; piano

Prequetê (1938) - Vieira Brandão and Cassiano Ricardo: / Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and José Vieira Brandão; piano
” (or Song Alone) - Vieira Brandão and Guilherme de Almeida / Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and José Vieira Brandão ; piano

Trova (1954) - Vieira Brandão (1911 - 2002) and Gabriel de Lucena: / Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and J. Vieira Brandão; piano

A dolorida (1942) - Francisco Mignone (in the book Folklore of Pernambuco)  - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and Francisco Mignone; piano

A Sombra (The Shadow) (1932)--Francisco Mignone and Judas Isgorogota (Agnelo Rodrigues de Melo): - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and Francisco Mignone; piano

Quando na roça anoitece (When night falls in the fields) (1930) --Francisco Mignone and Ricardo Alves Guimarães (dedic Raul Torres): - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and Francisco Mignone; piano

Pinhão Quente - Francisco Mignone - Maria de Lourdes Lopes da Cruz and Francisco Mignone piano


Créditos: Fausto Neves

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