Guerra Peixe - Festa de Ritmos (1956)

Copacabana CLP 3026

Here is the second promised ultra-rarity sent to us by friend Fausto Neves:

The first career album (a 10' Lp) of Maestro Guerra Peixe bears the same name as the radio broadcast of Radio of São Paulo (1956) which was produced, directed and presented by Guerra-Peixe.

This album was two years later released by Decca France as:

Rythmes brésiliens / documents sonores recueillis par Max de Rieux au Brésil  ???(© 1958)!!! Decca – France
Rythmes brésiliens, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

As you can see Max de Rieux went as far as to copyright other people's work in an arrogant colonial manner which throws a dark shadow upon him, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and Decca France.

Fausto Neves has included two documents (in English) inside this package, one with detailed explanations about this release, each song and another one about his favourite track and Rabeca as an instrument, which I recommend reading.

Here are just the basic facts:

Orchestra, choir and arrangements are under the direction of Guerra Peixe.

Lado A (Fxs. 1 - 4):

Vocal: Gilberto Alves, Sivuca, Leny Eversong e Coro
Instrumentais:  José Passidono (Flautim)

Lado B (Fxs. 5 - 8):

Vocal: Catulo de Paula, Gilberto Alves, Nuno Roland e Coro

The tracks are:

1. Irmão Irmão (Tradicional / Rec. Rossini Tavares de Lima) Tambu
2. Jornada de Lapinha (Tradicional / Rec. Guerra Peixe) Pastoril
3. Caboclinhos (Guerra Peixe) Caboclinho
4. Nego Bole Sete (Guerra Peixe) Maracatu
5. De Viola a Rabeca (Guerra Peixe) Cantoria
6. Jurupanã (Autor Desconhecido) Coco
7. Eu Sentei Praça (Guerra Peixe / Manoel Antônio Franceschini) Jongo
    1ª estrofe: Tradicional-Rec. Manoel Antônio Franceschini
    2ª estrofe: Guerra Peixe)
8. Uniká-de-xangô (Tradicional / Rec. Guerra Peixe) Jongo

P.S. I just received from Fausto Neves also the Decca labels so I updated the package by adding them:


Créditos: Fausto Neves


  1. I thank you very much for this preciousity. It'll be incredibly useful for some researchers in Brazil like me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Certainly it is a rarity that will serve as a reference for studies on our musical culture. The preservation of this music content is of an extraordinary greatness .Thank you !!!

  3. Incrível! Obrigado por compartilhar! <3 Manda mais!


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