O Assalto Ao Trem Pagador O.S.T (1962)

San Remo 1001

Although I have received this soundtrack via Pedro & 300discos,
it has not been, as usual, transferred and scanned by Pedro, but was found somewhere on the Internet and sent to us as it is a rarity.

About the film O Assaldo Ao Trem Pagador (which I have not watched) I can tell you just that it is about a robbery that has really happened, and that it is directed by Roberto Farias. Also that the soundtrack itself has been composed and directed by Remo Usai.

The soundtrack consists of:

1. O Trem Pagador (Remo Usai)
2. More Uma Criança Na Favela (Remo Usai)
3. Assaltantes Em Fuga (Remo Usai)
4. Tentação (Remo Usai)
5. O Fim (Remo Usai)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos + The original uploader

THE MOVIE by Nilton Maia:
I watched the film when it was launched (1962) and until now I consider it a very good film, with the good soundtrack you have posted. So, if you want to watch it, here is the link.
The Youtube link hasn’t English legends, but I think you could find them in internet. One of the links indicates “with legends”, but I don’t know if they are in English

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