Almirante - A Maior Patente do Radio (1956)

Sinter SLP 1058

Idol of Radio Almirante has been featured on Parallel Realities just once, with one composition included on a Carnaval compilation.

His recordings are numerous, counting more than a hundred records in the 78 rpm format, covering the period from 1929 to 1956.

This, only, career album, where he recorded for Sinter 8 of his greatest hits from his career, has at least four other re editions.

About the great Almirante you may read a text written by Mario Faccini printed on the back cover of this 10' LP.

The songs:

1. Faustina (Gadé)
2. João Conceição (Jorge Nóbrega)
3. Apanhei Um Resfriado (Leonel Azevedo / Sá Róris)
4. Olha o Grude Formado (Gadé)
5. Vou Me Casar No Uruguai (Gadé / Valfrido Silva) 
6. Que Barulho É Esse (Gadé / Valfrido Silva)
7. Tudo Em P (Jorge Nóbrega / Ângelo Delatre)
8. Levei Um Bolo (Pedro Caetano / Claudionor Cruz)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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