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Looks like the comments under one of the previous posts caught the attention of our friend Edson Mendes, reminding him of an aquisition on a music fair: A compilation album of Valéria whose voice was the topic of some of the comments.

In short, when opening my mail this evening, I found a nice package waiting for me to download and I (as you might well imagine) did it immediately.

The compositions are collected from several EPs + the last four songs are from the Top Hit Party album, presented two days ago:

01. Saudade em rock-and-roll (adapted from Bethoven‘s  “Für Elise”, by Nazareno de Brito  / Joe Bernardt)
02. História singular (Esdras Silva / Armando Cavalcanti)
03. Novo céu (Ted Moreno / Fernando Cesar)
04. Quando a espera vai embora (Tito Madi)
05. Bossabanca (Johnny Alf)
06. Love for sale (Cole Porter)
07. Aniversário da tristeza (Betinho / Renato Silveira)
08. Samba da peneira (Geraldo Vespar / Maria Helena Toledo)
09. Pelo amor de amar (José Toledo / Jean Manzon)
10. Saudade de meu bem (José Toledo / Jean Manzon)
11. Pressentimento (Fernando Cesar)
12. Pra que falar (Nazareno de Brito / Fernando Cesar)
13. Conversa da Madrugada (Nazareno de Brito / Ribamar)
14. Talk To Me (E. Snycer / S. Kahan / R. Valles)   
15. Menina Moça (Luiz Antônio)  
16. That Old Black Magic (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer

Tracks 01 – 02:  EP Continental (1960),
Tracks 05 – 08:  EP William (1963),
Tracks 09 – 12:  EP Continental (1962),
Tracks 12 – 16:  LP Top Hit Party, Continental LPP 3108 (1960)


Créditos: Edson Mendes


  1. Thank you very much Edson and Milan for this interesting Valeria collection. I checked also my copy of the G/9 album again. There Valeria is singing on each track too, it sounds on many tracks like a Valeria solo album with jazzy piano solos from Dom Salvador. This was once reussued by German label Sonorama together with the original producer Henrique Gandelman (father of Leo Gandelman). G/9 means Gandelman and 9 musicians/singers.

  2. Dear Milan and Frank-Oliver, I also have the CD version of G/9 album and after this posting I listened it again, but I think the Valéria that is singing on this record is not the same we have here. The voice, and after all, the singing style are different (for me). Maybe I am wrong, but Valéria is a relatively common name in the arts in Brazil - there was even a "travesti" named Valéria that recorded some discs in the sixties!

  3. Another Valéria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkQ2YJDlb-0
    He/She is not so bad (as a singer)...

    1. Looks like another task for Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings...


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