Ubirajara Silva - Dancando O Baiao - Vol.1 (1955)

Musidisc DL-1008

Solo accordion playing by Ubirajara Silva on his first career album (a 10' actually). Another one of his, at least ten, career albums: Solovox de Ouro from 1963, you may find in another parallel reality.

The Baiãos: 

1. Nheco-nheco (Glaciliano da Silva)
2. Eh Moçada (Glaciliano da Silva)
3. Quero Quero (Glaciliano da Silva)
4. Puxa Vida (Glaciliano da Silva)
5. Gargalhada (Ubirajara Silva)
6. Saudades Dela (Ubirajara Silva)
7. Apertadinho (Ubirajara Silva)
8. Araguari (Ubirajara Silva)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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