Jacob do Bandolim - Jacob Revivie Musicas de Ernesto Nazareth (1955)

RCA Victor BPL 3001

A 10' re edition of four 78 rpm recordings (catalogue numbers from 80.0900 to 80.0903) released on an album of the same name back in 1952. 

The tribute to composer Ernesto Nazareth consists of these compositions:

1. Atlântico (Ernesto Nazareth) Tanguinho
2. Nenê (Ernesto Nazareth) Tanguinho
3. Saudade (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa
4. Confidências (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa
5. Tenebroso (Ernesto Nazareth) Tanguinho
6. Odeon (Ernesto Nazareth) Tanguinho
7. Faceira (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa
8. Turbilhão de Beijos (Ernesto Nazareth) Valsa


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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