Lucinha Lins - Sempre, Sempre Mais (1982)

Polygram 6328 391

Lucinha Lins  with her first album, for the first time on Parallel Realities, on two tracks accompanied by Cláudio Tovar. About Lucinha I do not know much, except that she has recorded only several albums.
The compositions on this one presented tonight are mostly by the tandem Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins so guessing by the family name Lins, there is a possibility that Ivan might be her husband.


01. Virou Vício (Abertura) (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins) com Cláudio Tovar
02. Se Uma Estrela Aparecer (When You Wish Upon A Star) (Ned Washington / Leigh Harline / Vrs. Vítor Martins)
03. Espelho de Camarim (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins)
04. A Cidade dos Artistas (Chico Buarque / Luis Enriquez Bacalov / Sergio Bardotti)
05. A Hora Do Touro (Nei Lopes)
06. Mudança dos Ventos (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins)
07. Sempre Sempre Mais (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins)
08. Surpresa (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins)
09. Assobiando e Chupando Cana (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins)
10. Purpurina (Jerônimo Jardim)
11. Enquanto Eu Brilhar (Ivan Lins / Vítor Martins) com Cláudio Tovar


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

THE TRIANGLE by Anonymous:
She was married to Ivan Lins from 1971 to 1982. Since then she maintains a domestic partnership with Cláudio Tovar.