Primo Quintet - Um Homem E Uma Mulher (1970)

Equipe EQC 833

This is actually a re-post from Toque. I did not have this album as I could not download it because the link is dead.
Luckily I received it from Bossanov as part of his Primo package...
I have no idea whether Augusto will re-upload it or not, but in any case you may read his text HERE.

Here is just the track list:

01. Um homem e Uma Mulher (P. Barouh / F. Lai)
02. Call me – Fly me to the moon (Tony Hatch / Bart Howard)
03. The guy’s in love with you (David / Bacharach)
04. Tenderly (J. Lawrence / W. Gross)
05. Free again (Canfora / M. Jordan / J. Baselli)
06. Over in the rainbow (Harold Arien / E.Y. Hamburg)
07. Yellow days (A. Carrilo / A. Bernstein)
08. Love is blue (Andre Popp / P. Cour)
09. The shadow of your smile (Johnny Mandel / Webster)
10. Te amo, te amo, te amo (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
11. Laura (D. Raksin / J. Mercer)
12. Midnight sun (Hampton / Burke)


Créditos: Augusto TM / Bossanov

REMASTER by Christophe Rousseau:
  remastered version of this album made by Christophe Rousseau may be found HERE.