Conjunto de Carimbo Canarinho de Marapanim - Isto E Carimbo!! (1974)

Premier 307.3226

With the last album out of the first Regional package received from Pedro & 300discos I will, although I promised not to be a wise-guy, write an observation: Only two albums out of the seven posted up to now are listed on Memoria Musical, a fact that throws more light on the dilemma whether the music from the North is unknown only to people outside of Brazil, or also to Brazilians from other regions.
I hope that this serial going on, will increase both our knowledge and appreciation.

All compositions are by Lucindo Rabelo da Costa:

01. Pescador
02. A Volta Que O Carneiro Deu
03. Relãmpago
04. Menina Bonita
05. Galo Com A Galinha
06. Maçariquinha
07. Rolinha Cansada
08. Piriquitambóia 
09. Nasci Na Verde Rama
10. Foi Ela Que Me Deixou
11. Perú do Atalaia
12. Adeus Morena


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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