Tete Espindola - Passaros Na Garganta (1982)

Som da Gente SDG 012/82

Now something out of the usual for Parallel Realities and also out of the usual music in general.
Tetê Espíndola's conceptual album from 1982 is something I have never heard anything to which it could be compared to. The nearest to her concept would, maybe, be Elizabeth Fraser's singing on Victorialand, recorded four years later.
Anyway, as this album was already posted on several sites, to some of you it will not be unknown.
The others who have it for the first time in front of them, have the opportunity to be (pleasantly or unpleasantly) surprised with:

01. Amor e Guavira (Tetê Espíndola / Carlos Rennó)       
02. Cunhataiporã (Geraldo Espíndola) 
03. Canção dos Vagalumes (Arrigo Barnabé)
04. Olhos de Jacaré (Geraldo Espíndola / Carlos Rennó)
05. Fio de Cabelo (Tetê Espíndola)
06. Cuiabá (Tetê Espíndola / Carlos Rennó)
07. Pássaros na Garganta (Tetê Espíndola / Carlos Rennó)
08. Sertaneja (René Bittencourt)
09. Longos Prazeres de Amor (Celito Espíndola)
10. Paisagem Fluvial (Tetê Espíndola / Arrigo Barnabé)
11. Ibiporã (Arrigo Barnabé)
12. Jaguadarte - Galadriel (Arrigo Barnabé / Tetê Espíndola)
13. Sertão (Tetê Espíndola / Arrigo Barnabé)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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