Os Brasas da Marambaia - Carimbo So No Para (N/D)

Gravasom GVLP 3003

As I write this text, our friend Pedro is busy helping his friend with his PhD thesis on regional music from the north of Brazil and is ripping corresponding albums from his colossal collection of music for him.

He offered to send all these albums to us, so that I can evaluate them and post those that are suitable for this particular side branch of infinite parallel realities that I am focusing upon.

Needless to say that I accepted this great opportunity to encounter music that otherwise I would probably never have the chance to hear and which is quite unknown to people outside (and inside?) of Brazil.

But, I won't evaluate but will post all that he sends (except albums which Depositfiles's copyright checker eventually eliminates).

My knowledge about music from the north is near to zero and I am eager to hear what it all sounds like. So don't expect any explanations from me, as I can't give you any. Only the basic information, like the track list, serial number etc I will publish.

On the other hand, if you have any information, comment or simply want to add to confusion, you are (as usual) welcome to do it. It will be added as EDIT or under another suitable subtitle to the corresponding post.

The first album out of the package full of Carimbós which is still being transfered to my PC is by Os Brasas da Marambaia and called Carimbó Só No Pará, recorded at an unknown date.

The compositions are:

01. Homenagem a Gurupá (Os Brasas da Marambaia / Carlos Santos)
02. Só Pra Timbalá (Pedro Américo / Carlos Santos)
03. Aí Vem os Brasas (Anselmo Mesquita / Jesuino)
04. Cirene (Mário Neves / Carlos Santos)
05. Carimbó Só no Pará (Luis Avis / José / Coroxó)
06. Na Beira do Piriá (Domiciano Mesquita)
07. Adelina (Pedro Américo / Carlos Santos)
08. Curió (Luis Alberto)
09. Mensageiro (Roberto Assunção)
10. Rosa Flor (Luiz Pinheiro)
11. Toma Cuidado Rapaz (Pedro / Paulo / Mário Neves)
12. De Pé Seu Bené (Mário Neves / Carlos Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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