Trio Surdina - 10' (1954)

Musidisc M-017

This 10' by Trio Surdina has already been posted on various sites, but all transfers had the same problem: As the vinyl was heavily scratched, the heavy cleaning which was applied removed also a good part of the sound's frequencies leaving it rather hollow and metallic.
This rip by Alfredo Del-Penho from a bit noisy (but not too scratched) vinyl has no cleaning at all, so finally it is possible to hear the instruments as they really sound (with some background noise which is not too disturbing)

The tracks are:

Lado A MD-131
01. Ay, ay, ay (O. P. Freire)
02. Vingança (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
03. Amoroso (Garoto, L. Bittencourt)
04. Verlaine (Charles Trenet)

Lado B MD-132
05. Canto Karabali (E. Lecuona)
06. Meu Coração (Garoto)
07. Cow Cow Boogie (Don Raye, G. De Paul, B. Carter)
08. Xodó (J. Amorim, J. M. Abreu)


Créditos: Alfredo Del-Penho

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