Os Tres Tons (1963)

Polydor LPNG 4075

Yesterday, when I listened to Os Três Tons for the first time, I checked Memoria Musical but, curiously, got no results. Today I checked once more and there was their page with two career albums on the list, three compactos and one 78 rpm.
Besides Bossanov was so kind as to provide information about this trio and send their album from 1963, which he downloaded some time ago from the (now dead) link at Augusto's Toque Musical.

Altogether, it is now possible to get a more detailed insight of their music:

01. Despreocupadamente (Fredy Chateaubriand / Vinicius de Carvalho)
02. Alucinado (Afrikaan Beat) (Bert Kaempfert / Vrs. Esther Delamare)
03. Joga a Rede no Mar (Fernando César / Nazareno de Brito)
04. Indecisão (Cidinho / José Clóvis)
05. Você Há de Voltar (Nemésio Silva)
06. Mar Azul (Alceu Tunes)
07. Amor Pequeno (Ciloca Madeira)
08. Negrinhos Dizendo Amém (Wilma Camargo)
09. Amor de Morena (Nemésio Silva)
10. Balada dos Olhos (Walter Viana)
11. Não Sei Porque (I Should Have Known) (P. Insetta / Vrs. Carlos Imperial)
12. Devaneio (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)


Créditos: Augusto TM / Bossanov

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