Biriba Boys (1969)

RCA Victor BBL 1487

The eighth and last career album by the Biriba Boys completes their discography in this parallel reality.

Those called Biriba Boys at that time were:

William ''Palito'': Saxofone, Arranjos 
Sidney Jacobino ''Tarzan'': Órgão 
João Alves ''Paquera'': Pistom 
Tião Santos: Baixo 
Roberto Friggi ''Quati'': Ritmo 
Raguinho: Guitarra 
Ulisses ''Gordo'': Bateria 
Luis Antônio: Voz

The melodies performed are:

01. Wade In The Water (Alpert / Edmondson / Pisano)
02. Sentado À Beira do Caminho (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
03. Together (Teddу Randazzo / Рike)
04. Sei Lá (Jota Morais / Roberto Wagner)
05. Porto Mont (Puerto Mont) (E. Franco / G. Valdez / Vrs. Luis Antônio)
06. Вorder Gate At Tijuana (John Вarrу)
07. You Showed Me (J. MсGuinn / G. Сlark)
08. Knowing When To Leave (Вurt Вaсharaсh / Нal David)
09. E Voltarás Num Dia Azul (Il Reviendrá Le Três Joli Bateau) (H. Villard / Vrs. Luis Antônio)
10. Romance De Amor (Vicente Gomez)
11. Petulia (John Вarrу)
12. Prelúdio Para Um Amor Sem Amor (Jota Morais / Roberto Wagner)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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