Betinho e Sua Guitarra em Play Back - Suave Mensagem

Somdepaz LPSP-17007-B

Here is the fourth and last album by Betinho found in the latest package sent to us by Pedro & 300discos.
Here we have a completely different King of The Night, performing on his guitar instrumental versions of religious themes, accompanied by Luiz Schiao - Orgão and Minoru Shioda - Contra Baixo. The album was released by Somdepaz, a label promoting religious music.
The date of release is unknown to me, but logic says that it was recorded after his night club period.
Was Betinho fed up with sins, heavy drinking, adultery, rip-offs of guests by waiters and all other immoral things that usually happen nightly in night clubs, or was there another reason, I do not know, but there it is and here is the result:

Suave and beautiful:

01. Terra Feliz (J. P. Webster)
02. Vale de Bençãos (Sara Kally)
03. Muito Aém do Sol
04. Ao Teu Lado Meu Jesus  (Negro Spiritual)
05. Pai Celeste
06. Um Pobre Cego (O. Smith)
07. Mais Perto Meu Deus de Ti (Dr. L. Manson)  
08. Manso e Suave (Will L. Thompson)
09. Bendita Hora de Oração (Wm B. Bradbury)
10. Vem Senhor Me Guiar (Thomas A. Dorsey)
11. O Amor de Deus (F. M. Lehman)
12. Confia Em Deus


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


  1. No arquivo faltam as faixas 1 a 5.

  2. Thanks for telling me. A mistake while compressing the files. It is getting re-uploaded as I write.

  3. Thanks for the speed and gentleness.


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