The Sword of Damocles

The experienced traveler through parallel realities knows that his fate is not predefined and that there is an infinite number of worlds, realities, destinies and that the freedom of choice is absolute. So is the responsibility for the consequences of choice.
The experienced traveler through parallel realities knows also that he himself divides with every choice into two separate persons each continuing his existence parallel, but separated to the other.
Also, a choice tagged +, leads to the reality where everybody else's choice at that moment, whatever about they might chose, is +. Similar, a choice tagged - leads into a reality where everybody's choice at that moment is -.
Therefore it is obvious that each traveler through parallel realities is responsible for all he encounters during his travels.
But both the traveler through parallel realities and the helpless feeling fatalist have one thing in common: The Sword of Damocles is hanging on a thin hair over each one of them and sooner or later the hair will snap.
A virtual reality is bound to the same principle: Everything must, sometime, come to an end.

The paths that the traveler through parallel realities may turn to when the Sword of Damocles ends his virtual side branch of infinite parallel realities is to create another one to suit his taste: A new meeting place for friends, travelers through parallel realities and time travelers, sophisticated hedonists, artists, historians, true ladies and gentlemen, to all of them offered music and other content found in other realities, which would otherwise, maybe, stay obscured and out of reach.

Welcome, enjoy yourselves and feel free to take an active role in the enrichment of our mutual experience, write your edits, add information, voice guesses and comments, submit reviews...

In short: Add your personal touch to the confusion and clarification.

Milan Filipović  


  1. Welcome back! :)

  2. Senhor Milan. O sr. neste comentário está demais. Milhares de brasileiros, creio, gostam do senhor, outros milhares, nem tanto. Faça aquilo que mais o sr. gosta, para os que apreciam o seu trabalho (ou hobby),levar alegria aos internautas que gostam de músicas. Desejo muitas felicidades. Fernando Gregório - Belém-Pará

  3. Milan

    obrigada pela tua persistência e pelo blog maravilhoso.Sou apaixonada por esse cantinho ,


  4. I'm glad you're back (and so soon!).
    Your blog is invaluable for those of us who love Brazilian music, especially the oldies.


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